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Welcome to Good Reads, a place to find recommended books we think you'll love and ways you can get involved in reading, from reading groups to the Summer Reading Challenge. If you've read something you loved, share the news by rating or reviewing it! You'll need an upgraded account to do so.









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If you've read everything by your favourite author don't despair! As well as looking through our reading lists or asking at your Library, we have resources that can help – Who Else Writes Like…?  is easy to use. Give it an author you like and it'll suggest others you'll enjoy.





       We also have Who Next...? a version for children and young people.


Reading groups Reading groups

Reading groups are a great way of socialising and sharing a love of books, as well as trying something you wouldn't normally read. We have groups for teenagers as well as adults and we also have guides for setting up your own! More information can be found on the Reading Groups page.

Reading well Reading well

This scheme aims to provide books for those experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. The books are available online and in a selection of our libraries. Find out more about how Reading Well can help.

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